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Our Mission
The Pillar is the official student-generated and managed newspaper of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. The newspaper focuses on reporting school events and issues relevant to Cooley students that are related to success in law school and to assimilating into the surrounding communities.
Pillar Copyright Policy
All articles published online with a byline are copyrighted property of The Pillar. The Pillar reserves exclusive rights for reproduction. Other reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material without the express written consent of The Pillar is prohibited.
The views expressed by our staff do not in any way reflect the views of Thomas M. Cooley Law School or its administration.
Submission Requirements
The Pillar welcomes articles and other submissions for publication. All submissions must contain your contact information. Please follow the Writing Guidelines.
The Pillar Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for length along with the right to make final editing decisions.