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3rd Annual Interfaith Dinner

3rd Annual Interfaith Dinner
February 27, 2013
By: Lauren Rennert
Guest Writer
Students, faculty, and legal professionals from the Metro-Detroit area recently attended the Third-Annual Interfaith Dinner. The Interfaith Dinner is a co-sponsored event hosted by the Cooley Muslim Legal Society (CMLS), the Christian Legal Society (CLS), and the Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA).
The dinner was held at the Auburn Hills Thomas M. Cooley campus on Tuesday, February 12, featuring a panel discussion headlining the following speakers: Hon. Paul D. Borman, (United States Circuit Court, E.D. MI) Hon. Mary Ellen Brennan (Oakland County Circuit Court), Hon. Charlene Elder (Wayne County Circuit Court), Tim Attalla (Miller Canfield), Robyn Lederman (Brooks Kushman), and John Sier (Kitch, Drutchas, Wagner, Valitutti and Sherbrook).
The Presidents of the respective organizations, Amy Bhuiyan (CMLS), Brittney Boston-Jones (CLS), and Lauren Rennert (JLSA), co-hosted and moderated the event. Associate Dean Nussbaumer gave opening remarks describing the evolution and professionalism that the religious organizations contribute to the Auburn Hills Campus. However, the highlight of the event was the panel discussion, which spotlighted the judges and attorneys relevant viewpoints on how their faith affects both their personal and professional lives. Perspectives ranging from behind and before the bench enlightened the audience on how the practice of faith is fundamentally intertwined with the betterment of their person and profession.