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Student Life at Cooley Auburn Hills

Student Life at Cooley Auburn Hills

By: Sandy Boisrond


The Auburn Hills campus offers an array of student activities to suit just about any student - day, afternoon, evening or weekend. If you have a desire to get involved, wehave a variety of groups to support all of your cultural, spiritual, community service and networking needs! Listed below is a brief overview of some of our most active student organizations...


Auburn Hills Student Bar Association (AH-SBA)

* President: Christos Moutousis

The Student Bar Association is the governing body overseeing student life at Cooley. Every student enrolled at the Auburn Hills campus is automatically a member of the AH-SBA as a result of paying their Student Activity Fee each term. The SBA is charged with distributing Student Activity Fee funds to all eligible student organizations in order that they may offer programs and events to the student body. During its four general body meetings each term, the SBA also provides students with the opportunity to voice their questions or concerns related to Cooley, the Bar Exam, the legal profession, or the Auburn Hills campus as a whole. A variety of leadership positions are available through the SBA including serving as a Class Senator, Committee Chair, or Executive Board member. Also, you can stay connected with the happenings of the SBA via its Facebook Group ("Student Bar Association - Auburn Hills Campus") or its Website (Cooley Portal --> Communities --> SBA/Student Orgs --> Auburn Hills Student Bar Association).  

Black Law Students Association - Auburn Hills Chapter (BLSA-AH)

* President: Sandy Boisrond

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is a networking and support organization which is open to all Cooley students. Our chapter is affiliated with the National BLSA organization. BLSA currently has a TWEN page which you may add to obtain updates on meetings/events (“Black Law Students Association - Auburn Hills Chapter”). Also, active BLSA members have the opportunity to apply for a Cooley Scholarship which is awarded during the annual Balancing the Scales Scholarship Dinner. This year's dinner was held on Sunday, June 23, 2013 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Crowne Plaza Auburn Hills. The Honorable Vonda Evans, a Cooley graduate, is this year's Keynote Speaker.


Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity (PAD) - Auburn Hills Campus (Soifer Chapter)

* President: Elisha Alexander

Phi Alpha Delta is an international law fraternity geared towards community service. PAD offers great networking opportunities and community service projects to support the needs of all students. The PAD Bake Sale during week 6 supports their major community service project each term. Also, PAD hosts an Academic Forum each term, which provides students with great support and resources in preparation for exams, bar preparation, and life after law school.


American Bar Association - Law Student Division (ABA/LSD)

* President: Alecia Walker

Our ABA is affiliated with the American Bar Association. Membership affords you the opportunity to make connections across the country, apply for various scholarship options, and participate in a number of national and regional competitions. Join the ABA Facebook Group - “American Bar Association, LSD - Auburn Hills” - for updates on upcoming programs and events.


Please note:

This is just a small sample of our student organization offerings! If you attend one of our SBA meetings or visit the Student Organizations link through the portal, you'll also find groups such as the Cooley Veterans, Hispanic Latino Law Society, Sports and Entertainment Law Society, Christian Legal Society, Intramural Sports Organization, etc.


Regardless of your schedule, you can stay connected and get involved with just about any group at Cooley. You've taken the first step by reading this article. Now all you have to do is reach out to the group(s) of your choice!