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Editorial Address: The Pillar Transition

Editorial Address: The Pillar Transition

March 17, 2013


By: Alexandra Anderson

Editor-In-Chief, Tampa Bay


Gratitude. That is the overwhelming emotion I feel towards the many people who have helped The Pillar transition. Our paper has a rich history, growing from a pamphlet reminiscent of a newsletter, to an actual newspaper and now to on-line format. The decision to charge into the future and use this format was made to suit our student body and alumni. Law students and legal professionals are so technologically inclined today. As the largest law school, this format was the only feasible way to stay connected with our students, both former and current.


I would like to thank our advisor Professor Emily Horvath for her guidance and knowledge throughout this process. Without her help this dream would never have come to fruition. Dr. Christopher Lewis for always being a beacon of support and understanding. Dean James Robb for offering his support to The Pillar and to me as the Editor-In-Chief. Dean Jeffrey Martlew for always helping me solve problems and lending me an ear for any idea that crossed my mind. Dean Charles Toy for being so steadfast and kind. He always makes time for students no matter which campus he visits, and truly wants to see us all do well in life. Dean Paul Zelenski for being an advocate of our cause and always lending his support in anyway that we need. Dionnie Wynter and Brianne Myers for their outstanding leadership and support. I would like to thank all the managing editors for their dedication and patience for The Pillar. Without them this would be an impossible venture. Most of all, I would like to thank Ric Tombelli for his expertise and guidance. Without him this process would be but a dream.


Today is our soft launch! Please take the time to read over the articles that have been posted. Consider The Pillar a fine wine that will get better over time. We need your opinions so please email any of The Pillar staff with comments or concerns, so that we are able to make adjustments.


As you can see, both the Lansing and the Ann Arbor campus pages are empty. There are no staff members on Ann Arbor's campus and we only have one managing editor on the Lansing campus. The Pillar is a student run newspaper and Thomas M. Cooley is the largest law school in the nation. I know there are writers within our midst. If you are interested in writing for The Pillar, please contact me at or any of the managing editors.


For our official first edition, look for my section highlighting our faculty, students and veterans. In order to be featured, please send a nomination to The Pillar email address and in the subject line put "Nomination of (name) at (campus)". In the body of the email, please explain the reason for the nomination. This way we can highlight one person for each category on each campus. The Pillar will need a short bio and a photo to place in the article if selected.


I am so overwhelmed at the accomplishments of The Pillar and thrilled to see the product of our dedication. Enjoy the rest of your semester, study hard and may the curve be always in your favor!


Alexandra "Alex" Anderson is the Editor-In-Chief for the Pillar and is on the Cooley Tampa Bay Campus. If you have an idea for an article, would like to join the Pillar team, or just want to show support for the newspaper, her email is