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Meet the New Eboard

President: Stephanie Hale

My name is Stephanie Hale, and I am excited to be your candidate for SBA President for 2014. I am excited to take on this challenge and serve our student body and school. I am currently in my 4th term at Cooley. I have been elected as one of the Mclean class senators for the last 3 terms. I have also been a member of SBA Committees, a Student Ambassador, a Graduation Marshal, an SBA Tutor, as well as a member of multiple student organizations. I received my bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from SUNY Fredonia in 2011. During my undergraduate studies, I was a class representative and a committee chair from my freshman year until my graduation.

I have been involved in the SBA since my first term here at Cooley, and I have seen the potential this organization has and the potential of the leaders in this organization. The SBA has taken great strides to become more prevalent on campus, and our current administration has done a fantastic job engaging people. Joel and I want to set the bar even higher. Cooley is the biggest law school in the country, so there is no reason why our Student Bar Association can’t be the best and biggest in the country. In the next year, we want to use the SBA to support student organizations in every means possible. We want to do everything we can to work together to increase interest. We also want to reach out to evening and weekend students who are not on campus as much to benefit their needs as well. Cooley is the largest law school in the country, and because of that we have such a diverse student body. We want to embrace that and bring the fact that so many individuals coming from different places and backgrounds can come together to form something great. Our administration also wants to have class directors and senators reach out to their constituents as often as they can, and bring the needs of the student body forward so that necessary changes can be made with quick results. Every student here at Cooley is a member of the SBA. It is our duty to serve the student body, and we do not take that duty lightly. We have a high bar that has been set for us, and I can assure you that Joel and I will do everything in our power to continue the current traditions and set the bar even higher.

Vice President: Joel Montilla

I’m from Orlando Florida marketing degree from UCF. I’m running to help integrate the schools community thread. My goals are to better the engagement and overall involvement of the student body at large and I look forward to continuing what Mortensen and her team did

Secretary: Allison Stephen

I am running for SBA Secretary. I am currently in my 6th term at Cooley. I have been elected as one of the Story Class senators for the past 3 terms. I have also been a member of the Public Relations Committee as well as a member of the Rules & Elections Committee during my time in the SBA. I am currently Vice Dean of Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, Appeals Magistrate Coordinator, and secretary of the Cooley ACLU chapter. I graduated from Michigan State University in 2011 with a degree in Sociology & Women’s Studies. I am running for this position to improve the efficiency and the openness of the SBA. My goals for this position include assisting with the transition to a new office system with the Officer Manager and continuing to improve the efficiency of the position.

Treasurer: Aaron Korson

The majority of my friends call me Trent. I grew up in my wonderful hometown of Battle Creek Michigan. It's currently the headquarters for Kellogg's cereal and yes every morning when you wake up and go to school the air does in fact smell like cereal from the factories. Depending on the day, you always had some sort of variety.

I went to school at Central Michigan University and I quickly realized that I wanted to be involved in shaping our justice system. I graduated from undergrad in 2010 within two and a half years with a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Legal Studies Minor. I want to practice medical malpractice and product liability work. Richard Henke and Dean Cercone have managed to help me realize what type of work I want to do. I appreciate all of our faculty and staff. I feel very close with all of them and there has not been a professor that I have not liked.

Thomas M. Cooley law school has unexpectedly become my home. I'm glad it did though. I have found that life hands you several hurdles and when it's at a young age you often need people to help drive you. My classmates and the faculty and staff have been what I needed for me to be successful. That's why I want to give back to the students. I have several plans to help implement some financial changes that will possibly help adjust graduates to taking the bar exam and the limbo time period in between school and their first job. I also want our funding to organizations to thrive in a proper manner so we can help some of the newer and eventually bigger classes to acclimate to Cooley.

I look forward to being your SBA Treasurer and I sincerely thank all of the students for your support.