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Feeling Stressed? Play Some Games

By: Andrea Woods
       Lansing Guest Writer

As we are approaching finals and all of its stresses from breaking down 
ambiguous concepts and theories the SBA’s Diversity Team of the Stone Class decided to throw a “Game Night,” totally unexpected. It was the best stress reliever I have had in my law school career. 

It was a “throw-back party.” We played Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo, which I have not seen since I was a kid-not to tell my age, but it brought back old memories. As each player battled to get Mario v. Luigi to the finish line, teammates and on-lookers cheered them on. 

Every board and card game you could possibly think of was available. Everyone gathered around the table to play the biggest game of UNO I have ever seen. We laughed, screamed and shouted our frustrations away with joy but only for a moment. 

We played Taboo and stuffed our faces with pizza as we made arguments about which team could make the fastest and most accurate guess of words using verbal clues. This was a nice method to ease our minds from the overload of reasoning statements.

Thanks to the Diversity Team of the SBA we are ready to go back to our studies with a refreshed mind so that we can perform a little better on our finals. Thank you Stone Class Diversity Team.