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Professor vs. Professor Mock Trial

Professor vs. Professor Mock Trial
March 17, 2013

By: Joelyssa Ferringer

Guest Writer 

On February 27, 2013, the Criminal Law Society, Mock Trial, and Moot Court presented a Professor vs. Professor Mock Trial Event. The proceeds from this event benefited Care House of Oakland County. Care House provides Oakland County children and families dealing with abuse and neglect support with advocacy and treatment in collaboration with the community. This event raised over $350 dollars for the charity.
It was a great opportunity for a student to see real attorneys present a trial; this tied together the academic sphere and the real world sphere. Professor Catalodo and Dean Halushka represented the Prosecution, while Professors Gershel and Langham represented the Defense.  Judge Richards from Southfield district court presided over the trial.
Alpesh Tailor acted as the defendant, Irwin Fletcher, who was on trial for attacking and beating the victim. The victim was played by Bill Barnwell, who was dating the defendant’s mother. The lead detective was played by Christos Moutousis while Laura DeSanto played the defendant’s mother, who was being attacked by victim. This was a classic case of self-defense gone array.

Charity Mock Trial

It is important to understand how to clearly present a case, whether as a litigator in trial or when writing a brief to the court.  Professor Lewis Langham noted that “[t]here are a lot of moving parts that go into presenting a case before a jury. It's the law in motion. You may learn how to do an opening statement, direct examination and cross examination of a witness and later conclude with closing arguments. The key is, can you put all the moving parts of the trial together, that's not confusing to a jury and that best represents your theory of the case. The lawyer that can do this is called a Cooley Trained Lawyer.”
For more information about Care House of Oakland County visit: