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The Pillar: Reboot

The Pillar: Reboot
March 18, 2013

by Andy Wright
Managing Editor, Grand Rapids

Have you seen one? Some students have, at least the ones that have been on campus a few years. “They’re black and white, and read all-over,” those students will tell you. They line the bottom of bird cages and occupy our landfills. Oh yeah, they’re filled with news, too -- or at least they used to be.

I’m talking about newspapers, of course. Until recent years, news was delivered exclusively on paper. Across this country, delivery girls would toss newspapers onto home doorsteps, newstands at city corners were filled with them, and machines outside grocery stores would gladly offer one for a quarter or two. Even as recently as a few terms ago, Cooley’s campuses had stands full of newspapers for the students and faculty to enjoy.

While newspapers in physical form still exist, people are increasingly getting their news from digital sources. The perfect indicator of where the readers are is where the advertising dollars are being spent. A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism reveals that print advertising revenue has fallen steadily since 2005. Unsurprisingly, online advertising revenue has grown during the same period.

The Pillar Rides the Digital Wave

Starting today, The Pillar follows this trend and steps into the digital breach. Cooley Law students need a news source that serves both the collective student body and the unique needs of each campus. The Pillar offers an easily accessible website allowing:

  • Student Organizations to promote their organizations’ through feature articles highlighting their events;

  • Campus SBA’s to keep their campuses informed of important news and events;

  • Students to be published on issues of importance to them and their classmates (in case you haven’t heard, being published looks pretty good on a resume); and

  • Faculty to connect with their students through guest features.

Also, students and faculty alike will soon see relevant advertising linking them to local and national businesses reaching out to the Cooley Law community.

The Pillar Needs You

Simply put, great websites need great writers. Without great content, and lots of it, this website will be another flash in the pan. In addition to our editor-in-chief, the talented Alex Anderson from Cooley’s Tampa campus, each campus has a managing editor working to build a team of proficient and dedicated writers. To join the team, either click on the ad to the right or email the managing editor for your campus.

Your inaugural Pillar web staff looks forward to serving you. See you online!.

Andy Wright is the Managing Editor for the Cooley Grand Rapids campus. He also serves on the SBA as a Class Senator and recently started his externship. If you have an idea for an article, would like to join his team, or just want to help him cope with the stress of life in general, his email is