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BLSA Volunteers at Boys and Girls Club

 By Kim Brimm

    Students from Tampa Bay's Chapter of Black Law Students Association volunteered at a Riverview Boys and Girls club to reach out to students in grades 6-12. The group talked to students about the importance of getting got grades, having an educational plan and careers in the legal field. Each BLSA sat with a group of students and went through a worksheet that asked the students where they saw themselves in 1, 5, and 10 years from now. After the group worked though the worksheet, BLSA members talked to the students about different ways they could reach their goals. 

    BLSA member Corey Stuart gave a presentation on the different types of higher education and stressed the importance of getting good grades and reaching for your goals. Secretary Marla Garland spoke about the different careers paths that are available with a law degree. President Willie Abney talked to students about the history of BLSA, its misson, good study habits, the importance of good grades and behavior, and being mindful of the company that surounds them. Faculty advisor Renalia Dubose reminded students that the path to college starts as early at the eighth grade and that they should not wait to get good grades once they get to high school.
The experience was rewarding not only to the students but also the BLSA members.  Secretary Marla Garland said, "It was rewarding and I would like to go back so I can really help.  Even if I can only help one of them and make even the smallest difference then I'll feel accomplished because I did something for someone else and it gave me fulfillment in my life."

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