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Moot Court Competition

Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition Approaching

By: Samantha Noah


The Moot Court Board is pleased to announce the Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition for Trinity 2013.

Moot Court simulates appellate level advocacy. In the Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition, teams of two will argue a fictional Fourth Amendment issue before a simulated Supreme Court of the United States. Although competitors come prepared, the true test is how participants handle the barrage of questions they will be confronted from the judges. It is not only hands-on lesson about appellate proceedings, but it is a test of a student’s ability to maintain a legal argument under extreme pressures. This ability is vital for all of us who aspire to be attorneys, and is vial no matter what area of law or practice we choose. Competing is also an excellent way to learn more about Criminal Procedure, as well as additional preparation for the Criminal Procedure final exam.

The competition is open to students meeting the following three criteria:

  • Students currently enrolled in or who have previously taken criminal procedure

  • Students who have not taken pre-trial or trial skills classes

  • Students who have not participated in the advancing rounds and have not been  named a top 10 advocate in a prior Melissa Mitchell Competition

All competitors will gain automatic entry as a Moot Court General Body member. Competitors of advancing teams, as well as the top-ten advocates, have the opportunity to enroll early in the Intra-School Moot Court Class. And all competitors are invited to apply for a position on the Moot Court Executive Team.

The competition will begin for students’ at all campuses on Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29. The Advancing Rounds will be held on Sunday, June 30, 2013. Please check the portal or the Moot Court webpage for additional information on your campus’s competition times, dates, and rooms. The final round, comprised of the top team teams from all five campuses, will be held in Lansing, Monday, July 1, 2013 at 5:00pm in CC501. We encourage everyone to attend – both past, present, and future competitors! For those that cannot make it, the competition will be presented via DE to each of the campuses.

If you have any questions about the competition or are interested in assisting, please contact any member of the various Moot Court Board Competitions Committees: Donovan Grant, Jasmina Millic, Aaron Gutierrez, and DJ Remole.