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Military Veterans Association attend 33rd National Wheelchair Games

    By Debra Steel
        MVLSA President
        Guest Writer, Tampa Bay

The Military Veterans Law Student Association attended their first charity event in July at the 33rd National Wheelchair Games hosted at the Tampa Convention Center.  President, Debra Steele, and vice president, Porsha O'Neal, along with other members of the organization volunteered to help those that sacrificed for  freedom to enjoy a fun filled day of competition and remembrance. The annual event attracts more than 500 atheletes and is the largest wheelchair sports event in the world. The event is presented by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Paralyzed Veterans of America and several generous donations from veteran service organizations. The athletes competed in a wide array of events including archery, basketball, bowling, hand cycling and softball. 

    Be on the look out for upcoming events that the Military Veterans Law Student Organization will be hosting and co-hosting.  This semester JAG Officers from each branch coming from MacDill to speak on the duties of a JAG Officer, Yellow Ribbon Fundraiser, Toys for Tots Drive and various other events.  

    If you are not familiar with the organization and would like more information or would like to join, please contact Debra Steele or Porsha O'Neal.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Military Veterans Law Student Association (MVLSA) is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in support of Thomas M. Cooley Law School students who are veterans, family of veterans, and other students who have an interest in serving in the United States military.