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West Michigan WMU Cooley Law School Community News - Week 10 Trinity 2020


Thinking...Learning...Sharing...Creating on the 
Grand Rapids Campus and Kalamazoo Location

Week 10 - Monday, July 6 through Sunday, July 12, 2020

July 2020  

    There will be no Classes on Friday, July 3 or Saturday, July 4 in observance of the holiday

Webex links are posted on the school's Campus Events Canvas page.



07/03/2020     Last day to sign up for the West Michigan Moot Court Summer Virtual Competition

07/04/2020     Independence Day Observed - No Classes

Week 10

07/06/2020     12:00 PM     Grand Rapids SBA Meeting.    Meeting Link (Links to an external site.)

07/08/2020     Michaelmas Term 2020 Registration Begins

07/08/2020     12:00 PM     Career and Professional Development Coffee Chat (Careers Cisco Webex)

07/09/2020     12:00 PM     Career and Professional Development Coffee Chat (Careers Cisco Webex)

07/09/2020     1:00 PM     AH Christian Legal Society Meeting (Cisco Webex)

07/10/2020     1:00 PM     Auburn Hills SBA E-Board Meeting (Cisco Webex)

07/10/2020     5:00 PM     All Students Hilary Term 2020 CR/NC Elections Due

07/11/2020     Noon          SBA Summit - all campuses (Cisco Webex)

SBA Summit Main Room Link: SBA Summit Main Room Link (Start Here) (Links to an external site.)

SBA Summit AH Breakout Room Link: SBA AH Breakout Room (Links to an external site.)

SBA Summit GR Breakout Room Link: SBA GR Breakout Room (Links to an external site.)

SBA Summit LA Breakout Room Link: SBA LA Breakout Room (Links to an external site.)  

SBA Summit TB Breakout Room Link: SBA TB Breakout Room (Links to an external site.) 

07/12/2020    1:30 PM     Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure Competition for Tampa Bay Students Only (Cisco Webex)

Week 11

07/13/2020     4:00PM        TB Student Bar Association General Body Meeting (Cisco Webex)

07/15/2020     12:00 PM     Career and Professional Development Coffee Chat (Careers Cisco Webex)

07/15/2020  12:00 PM     Auburn Hills SBA General Body Meeting (Cisco Webex)

07/15/2020     12:00 PM      GR Christian Legal Society Meeting (Google Meet) GR CLS Meeting Link 7 15 (Links to an external site.)

07/16/2020     12:00 PM     Career and Professional Development Coffee Chat (Careers Cisco Webex)

07/16/2020     12:00 PM      TB Christian Legal Society Bible Study (Cisco Webex)

07/16/2020     1:00 PM     AH Christian Legal Society Meeting (Cisco Webex)

07/18/2020      9:00 AM    West Michigan Moot Court Summer Virtual Competition (sign-up deadline was 7/5 at 5 PM)


Video for the Graduating class in May


Homeland & National Security Law Review is now accepting application to join our staff! Applications are due 21 Aug 2020. Membership requirements can be found herehttp://homelandsecuritylawreview.cooley.edu/membership

    Refer to this IT link for Helpful information about Canvas, Webex, and other resources:

    Remember the Student Helpdesk contact information is the following:  
    E-mail StudentTechHelp@cooley.edu, 
     and the phone number is 616-301-6800 or (517) 371-5140 ext. 3300 (it is the same extension number whether you call the Grand Rapids office or the Lansing office.

TIPs:  Recording Class:  remind your professor to start the classroom recording if you don't see a little red circle in the top right (or left) of your meeting session when the class is ready to start.  You can hover over the button, and it will show the class is being recorded.  When the professor first clicks the record button, it will indicate to all of you that the class is being recorded.

SBA Public Calendar Link - this puts the events the SBA adds to the SBA calendar on your own calendar to save you a step!  

To have access to your student organization email account, use the two-step process to update Director Humphrey on your orgs status, and gain access.  Student Orgs, please update your status each term!

Student Orgs:  

1) Complete the Student Organization Registration form  with board member names (all active students orgs. need to do this each term).

2) Fill out the Organization Website Access form to request email, website, and calendar access. This link should be filled out by each member who wants access. 

Join the State Bar of MI as a student member.  Click on the link below to access the form:


Is anyone you know struggling with depression?

Contact Dean Vuletich or one of your professors.  See the resource guide below for options as well.

Career Services

Symplicity / Career Resources

What can I do on Symplicity?

1.  Login to the Portal using the Chrome browser.  Click on the tab "Careers", "Symplicity", and then "Get Started".  
2.  Build my profile.
3.  Upload my resume.
4.  Search for jobs by looking at open positions.
5.  Request a meeting through the calendar button for resume review or other career counseling.
6.  RSVP for On-campus programs and workshops through the events tab.

Link to GR Bar website with legal job postings including support staff:  http://l.mi.gra.associationcareernetwork.com/jobs/

Accessing the Alumni Database
Sign onto the Portal using the Chrome browser.
Click on Alumni under My World.
Under Networking, click on Alumni Directory.
Read the agreement requirements, and click "I Agree" if you agree to abide by those requirements.


We have two official notaries available at the Grand Rapids Campus:

      Jennifer Lennon, lennonj@cooley.edu
   Associate Dean Tracey Brame, bramet@cooley.edu     

Find Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo community resources and more at 

Financial Aid Reminders

After Registration each term, complete a credit adjustment form for Financial Aid.   The link is here:  Credit Adjustment Form Link  To change your direct deposit account, use this link:

Direct Deposit Form link

FAFSA collects data from two years ago.  Complete each spring for renewing your Financial Aid.  

Loan Status - did I submit everything needed?
Do you have a question about the status of your loan?  Have you checked the Portal?  If not, sign onto the Portal, click on the tab “Student Services”, and then scroll down to find “Financial Aid”, and click on the link.  Click on the blue link for “NetPartner – Check your award status, loan history, & more.  This will tell you if documents are missing, or if some action is needed!

Each academic year, if you receive financial aid, you will need a new PLUS Loan application and MPN https://studentaid.gov/
submission after July 1st, even if your previous year's application will not yet expire. The reason is that the application's academic year must match the academic year it will be awarded. This is for additional aid for tuition, books, room and board, and the like.

The federal loan website is https://studentaid.gov/

When your Financial Aid paperwork is complete, and you have accepted your loans after receiving the email from ESS@cooley.edu, when can you expect your funds?

1st-term students - week 3

2nd-term students and students on AP - week 6.

3rd-term + students (not on AP) - week 1 or 7 to 10 days after the school receives the money from the Department of Education whichever is later.  

Review scholarship opportunities from the school on the list located on the Portal under Financial Aid

For scholarship applications, deadlines, submission requirements, and more, visit the portal home page and click on Financial Aid - Scholarships. 

Trouble with iphone and WiFi?
Remove the current connection from the phone, if it shows up under the WiFi settings.  Restart the phone.  Then please follow these instructions:

Library Information

Grand Rapids campus Reference Librarian Donyele Darrough

Reference Librarians are available to you in person and via video seven days a week. Please find more information by clicking on the link below.

ICLE Books 30-DAY ACCESS - information is contained in the link below.

You can pay your library fines online!

Login to MyCoolCat: https://library.cooley.edu/patroninfo

Click the link:   $ in unpaid fines and bills

Click:  Pay Online


There will be school-wide events during the summer term.  To self-enroll in the school's Events Canvas page, open the Portal, click on Communities, and then click on Campus Event Recordings.  It will bring you into the new events page which will be regularly updated.

Add the GR and KZ Events Calendar to your own calendar by clicking this link (you may remove it or hide it from view at any time):

All Wednesday Webinar Series events (above) are at Noon

Even if you don't have time to be a student senator.
All students are welcome to attend and participate in SBA meetings and events. Every student is automatically a member. We are the governing organization for campus life. General Body Meetings will be held during even number weeks (4,6,8,10,12) on Monday’s from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. online. The SBA has several committees you can serve on, even as a non-Senator, like the Mentorship Committee. To attend our SBA meetings please click this link to join: https://meet.google.com/ehi-avir-cdy

The Virtual Moot Court Competition problem is NOW released. Sign up until July 3rd using the google form link below and the problem will be emailed to you.

Competition Sign-up Link

Apply to work in a Clinic

Webex Connections - signal strength recommendations
See also this link for bandwidth discussions:

For mobile devices, access instructions from this link:

You may practice a classroom experience through this  Link  Canvas Orientation course

Webex practice session hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM until 10 PM and 8:30 AM until 6:30 PM on weekends.

Respondus FAQ:

Check the Graduation page on the Portal for updates regarding senior photos once notice is posted.

Registrar Reminders

Registration begins on Wednesday, July 8, and the schedule will be posted no later than Friday, July 3.  Please watch for an email for your registration day and time, and the registration timing will be posted on the Portal as well.

Please review the email from Danielle Hall on April 20 regarding choices about your letter grades from Hilary 2020.

Standard schedules are on the Portal under "Academics" / "Schedules" / select your standard schedule based on the number of credits you are taking to see which classes you should be taking.

Previous exams and papers

Questions about exam4 (laptop exams) and upgrades?  Go to this site for answers:  https://www.exam4.com/support/

The following are available on the portal under the tab Student Services / Registrar / Forms (on the right): Address changes -  make changes, save,  The transcript link is at the end of the list.  On the home page under My World, you can also click on your billing statement - real time posting.

Click HERE to read some of

the articles in "The Pillar!"

Or simply enter this address on your browser:



Representatives from the Board of Law Examiners shared important information with students, and you can access the presentation from the links below.  

Panopto Recording link with slides:


Slides only link:

Mental Health Question Removed from the MI Bar Application beginning in February 2021.  The link to the GR Legal News article is below.

Do you need a copy of your original law school application?  If so, email ESS@cooley.edu for assistance.

Career Services Update about Lexis Resources - Click the Link Below.

Please check your WMU Cooley email (through the portal) and the portal calendar regularly!       

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