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What is Justice?

By: James Goodman, III

What is justice? If I ever met justice would I know what he looks like? Is justice something that can be objectively viewed? Is justice something that you can look up in Webster’s Dictionary and instantly become a qualified expert on the matter? Can justice be measured or quantified by an algorithmic formula? No, that can’t be right. Does anyone know how old justice is? Has justice been around long, or is he fairly new to the area? Is justice black, white, or…oh never mind. I forgot that justice doesn’t have a skin color. So if no one knows who or what justice is, then how will anyone know how to find him when he is needed most?

The Perfect Injustice

By Ricardeau Lucceus

From the onset, we all have been taught to consider owning a house as the major module of the American dream.  As a result of this reasonable indoctrination, the majority of Americans devote their full capabilities toward acquiring a home. It should be stressed that owning a house is important because it helps create stability for stability for the economy and society as a whole. Knowing how crucial the possession of a residence is to the individual and society, those in charge of making this noble acquisition possible made great use of power to shape everyone into accepting a perfect injustice under the legal instrument called “Mortgage”.