"Be A Voice... Serve Your SBA!"

By: Sandy Boisrond
      Staff Writer, Auburn Hills

The Auburn Hills Student Bar Association (AH-SBA), generally known as "The  SBA," 
is the voice of the student body
 and the governing body over student activities and organizations
.  The SBA's Executive Committee consists of the Executive Board and the Class Senators, who are all elected during the Michaelmas term each year, and are responsible for allocating the funds obtained from Cooley's Student Activity Fee each term.  

During four general body meetings each term, the SBA provides a forum for all students, student organization leaders, and the Executive Committee to come together and discuss issues pertaining to student life on our campus.  As well, the Deans and representatives from the Career and Professional Development (CPD) office
 and the Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism, are also frequently present to offer information on upcoming programs and events. So, 
whether it's student services, student activities, on campus programs/events, or other school-wide issues (financial aid, housing, etc.), the SBA is your voice and a great way for you to get involved!  

The SBA is preparing to welcome the next phase of leaders!  
Petitions for the 2014 SBA Executive Board and
 are currently being accepted!  Petitions are due on Thursday, October 24th (Week 8), and Elections will take place during Week 9 (Thursday, October 31st
 - Sunday, November 3rd
) with voting via the SBA TWEN page.  All Executive Board Positions are available
:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Public Relations, 
.  You can find information 
 each position by visiting our website (https://sites.google.com/a/cooley.edu/auburn-hills-bar-association/home/bylaws)
 , and reading over the SBA Bylaws
he following Class Senator Positions are
 open:  Stone Class, Trimble Class, and Mclean Class.

You are invited to join the SBA for any of the following upcoming events:
  • 3rd General Body Meeting: Friday, Oct 11th at 12pm - 2pm in Rm L48
  • SBA Mixer:  Friday, Oct 18th at 6pm-10pm at Rochester Mills Beer Co.
  • Last General Body MeetingFriday, November 15th at 12pm - 2pm in Room 145.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your SBA officers, and stay connected with the SBA by going to our Website and Facebook Group for information on upcoming activities and events.

2013 Executive Board

President:  Christos Moutousis (moutousisc@cooley.edu)
Vice President:  Sandy Boisrond (boisronds@cooley.edu)
Treasurer:  Mitch Manwell (manwellm@cooley.edu)
Secretary:  Erin Bannister (bannistere@cooley.edu)
Director of Public Relations:  Laura DeSanto  (desantol@cooley.edu)
Parliamentarian:  Fotini Karamouzis (karamouzisf@cooley.edu)