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60 Minute Mentoring with Attorney Lawrence Nolan

By: Dalton Carty
Guest Writer, Lansing

“Seventy percent of all legal employment is not posted anywhere.” Associate Dean of Enrollment Paul Zelenski made this statement during the August 2013 orientation and reiterated it during my first Pathways class in October 2013. As a course designed to help law students cultivate professionalism, assess strengths and weaknesses, and obtain a fulfilling legal career, hearing the quote in Pathways for a second time resonated in my mind because I realized networking was pivotal to finding a job as a lawyer and would provide valuable advice from seasoned attorneys.... read more

Administrative Law with President LeDuc

By: Dalton Carty
Lansing Managing Editor

Recently, I met with President Don LeDuc to discuss the parameters and possible implications of an administrative law case scheduled to be heard by the United States Supreme Court in December 2014 on a writ of certiorari. Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Association pitted the United States Department of Labor (DOL) against the national trade association for the real estate financing industry in an attempt to ascertain DOL’s ability to change one of its statutory interpretations without first obtaining public input or commentary.... read more