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Five Meals for $10

By Hai Bui,

Contributing Writer


The alarm goes off at 6:30am. You hit snooze. It goes off again at 7:30am and you hit snooze. You do the same thing when it goes off at 8:30. Now, it’s 8:30am and you have class in 30 minutes. You are faced with a dilemma of epic proportions. Should you spend money on a running-late breakfast or make a dish for $10 that could last you all week? Here are 5 dishes that will keep your brain, stomach, and wallet full.


1.      Lasagna – Five ingredients: tomato sauce, lasagna pasta, cottage and shredded cheese, and turkey meat. It’s a simple dish that can feed a party of five or one for five days for a total of $9.00.


2.      Green Bean Casserole – Did I lose you at ‘casserole’? How about 4 ingredients? Creamy mushroom soup, green beans, Frenchy’s Fried onions, and milk. Takes 30 minutes to cook, lasts roughly 4-5 days, and it’s a bonafide yum.


3.      Chicken Salad – You know, the salads you pay $8 to eat for about 8 minutes. How about personalized chicken salad for $8 for 4 days? Two bags of salad and a plate of fresh chicken in the poultry isle (not frozen section) will do the trick. Oven-bake the chicken at 350 degrees for ten minutes and flip for another ten minutes. I bought ten pounds . . . and I don’t regret it.


4.      Mini hotdogs – Okay, if you’re not much of a cook or if you prefer to snack (all the time), I found that mini hotdogs are equally fulfilling and easily portable. Three tubes of Pillsbury Doughboy biscuit bread and one package of mini turkey “hotdogs” will do. Wrap the dogs in the biscuit dough, oven-bake for 20 minutes, and you have a batch of 30 hotdogs . . . if you dare. Total: $6.00


5.      Squash Spaghetti – One of my favorite dishes because it’s a trifecta: inexpensive, healthy, and quick. Two whole butternut squash, a grater, marinara sauce, and whatever spices you like (Italian herbs, salt, or pepper.) Set the oven to 450 degrees, grate the squash, season the squash, lay it on the pan, and roast in the oven for 30 minutes (while you brief cases.) Dress it and done!