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Library Conundrum: Are you being stripped of your resources?

By Charell Elliot,

Contributing Writer


There are many questions law students at WMU Cooley Law School have concerning the hours of operation for the school’s Thomas E Brennan Library. Presumably, one of the library’s goals is to help students develop the essential legal research skills needed to become successful attorneys. But, is the library fulfilling this function? Do Lansing students feel the library is fulfilling the function? Are students really able to successfully develop those skills when they are being stripped of their resources?

On October 15, 2015 the library cut its hours from being accessible and open to students twenty four hours a day during review week which is a crucial time in our law school term. In the past, study areas were dedicated to students 24 hours a day, but now the cutoff time is 1:00am. When students were asked their thoughts regarding the change in hours, most were displeased with the modification.

Bennett Izeh, a 2L and the incoming SBA president, said, “It is very disheartening that a law school wouldn’t make the library accessible to its students for 24 hours or at least remain open until 3:00am when there is a desire or push for it to be open.” Another student exclaimed, “What brought me to this campus was that it was glorified as the ‘central hub’ of everything at the Lansing campus with the bookstore, ARC, and especially the 24 hour library! The library is why I came to this campus. Now, that is being reduced, what’s next?”

Many students can’t study successfully in their apartments or even local coffee shops because they are easily distracted. The environments in which you surround yourself have a direct effect on your success. Alana Zamrij, a 1L student, stated, “It's impossible to maintain my own quiet, distraction-free study space at home.  I value having a dedicated place to study and work in the library.”