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Saturdays with the SBA: Senator Victoria Faustin

By Hai Bui,

Contributing Writer


Victoria Faustin, a member of the 2018 Woodbury Class at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, is one of three class senators. In her free time, Faustin attends weekly violin lessons, explores extraordinary running trails, and is an avid member of her church. Faustin graduated with a degree in Globalization and Journalism from the University of Albany and aspires to join the United Nations after graduation. In retrospect, Faustin’s undergraduate professors taught with such passion and heart that they became her inspiration in pursuing a Juris Doctor. Today, Faustin meets with me between tutoring and senate meetings to talk about projected goals for the Woodbury Class, academic strategies, and any advice she has for incoming lLs.


Pillar: Hello!! How are you? It’s good to finally meet between our busy schedules.


Victoria Faustin: I’m really good! I just left tutoring.

Pillar: A three-hour class followed by three hours of tutoring? What do you do in your free time?


VF: I love playing the violin – I found a great place in Lansing for lessons. I hope to teach the instrument one day.

P: Did you grow up playing the violin?


VF: On and off! I’m so happy to pick it up again.


P: So – aside from playing the violin and running around Lake Lansing – how do you feel about your transition from undergrad to law school?

VF: My favorite subject is torts – you can apply it anywhere any time. Just looking out my window I can think of tort examples just by people-watching (which I do on my free time, too).


P: As senator of the Woodbury Class, what strategies do you have in mind to increase bar results and classroom participation?


VF: I think we should have mandatory quizzes throughout the term. The professors can pick which ones count. The feedback from these assessments would be immeasurable and allow students to put their best effort forward because they do not know which assignment will count towards the final grade. For example, in Criminal Law, Prof. Swedlow posted a worksheet on theft crimes and I am much more confident after I reviewed and completed that assignment. It’s just a confidence booster.


P: What do you think of our professors?


VF: Approachable. They are so welcoming and willing to walk you through your confusion. They make sure you get the material.


P: Do 1Ls have access to you?


VF: Yes! Email or call anytime – I’m more than happy to listen to the concerns and comments of Woodbury class members.


P: In closing, do you have any advice for incoming 1Ls?


VF: Be motivated to truly apply the law in your daily life. You are in law school. Take advantage of it and never lose purpose.  


Faustin fell in love with advocating for others and applying the law in her daily life. Her boarding-school background gave her self-discipline and an overall compassion for leading the 2018 Woodbury Class.