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Take a Hike!

By Hai Bui,

Contributing Writer


Or three! Between reading, briefing, analyzing, rereading and study groups, you’re constantly surrounded by professors, peers, and peer pressure. Treat yourself in mind and body by exploring the abundance of acreage in Lansing, Michigan. Here are two lakes and trails where you can the find some peace of mind, immerse in nature, and just breathe. Also, they’re usually always free.


First, there is Lake Lansing. Originally known as Pine Lake, Lake Lansing is managed by the Ingham County Parks Department and one of the most popular parks because of its Friday night concerts, picnics, swimming, fishing, volleyball, and boating! However, the most spectacular asset of Lake Lansing is its natural beach well stocked with various fishes and surrounded by yellow pine and timber. In 1905, people would ride their horse and buggy to catch a boat to north shore resorts. In 1927, the lake boasted rollercoasters and other attractions that captured the carefree spirit of old and young Michigan residents. Lake Lansing is a place for total community immersion, while maintaining a certain element of complete peace.


Next up, Hawk Island. This is my favorite place to run a quick mile after class and before study groups. It’s located south of Lansing and free! There is a lake at the heart of the park and a wooden platform with docks that hug the lake. It is most frequented by runners, pet owners, and seniors. It is less of a metropolitan area than Lake Lansing, but not entirely desolate. While running, you will encounter a family of ducks, otters, and fishes. Hawk Island trails can begin at the beach and stretch into dense, wooden areas marked by arrows. The trails range from one to three miles and are surrounded by yellow pine. The smell of turpentine alone will clear your mind and fill your lungs with fresh air.


These two trails and lakes are a few of the many offered in Lansing, Michigan. If you’re not one for nature, downtown Lansing hosts a variety of 5k and half-marathons including the Turkey Trot and the Silver Bells 5k! Studying in Lansing, Michigan, there is never a shortage of places to explore.