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Ten Places that Cost Less than $10

By Hai Bui,

Contributing Writer


Law school with its meager budget calls for secrets to surviving with a bare minimum social life. Here are ten places for under $10 that are sure to be saturated with laughs and good friends.


1.      Forest Akers Golf Courses – Hit the driving range at Forest Akers Golf Courses near Michigan State University with a few friends. Prices start at $8 for a small bucket of roughly 30-35 golf balls. Work on your swing and, for each golf ball, try reciting a definition from the UCC out loud!


2.      Spare Time Bowling – On Wednesdays after 9:30PM, it is All-You-Can-Bowl for $9.00. Appetizers are half off (Mozzarella sticks for $2? Yes.)


3.      Burger RAMA - $1 burger and $1 fries, uhm double yes. Come out on Thursdays to The Riv in East Lansing from 3PM-8PM for a $2 dinner with friends and live music. Perfectly timed right after class.


4.      Michigan State Sports – Attend and support Michigan State University sports. Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, and Wrestling tickets start at $8.00 (and you might win a free t-shirt.)


5.      Uncle John’s Cider Mill – This is primarily for the months of August through October. Uncle John’s Cider Mill is family friendly. There is a well-stocked pumpkin patch, corn maze for miles, and apple pickin’.


6.      Movies, Movies, Movies – starting at $7.00 – Take a break from the books, get away from people in law school, and date yourself (or invite your friends).


7.      Trivia Night - $5.00 chips and dip and a deck of definitions (CRIM, CON, Contracts, Torts, and Property) at yours or a friend’s house with three other classmates. If you’re not prepared to lose a friend on game night, you’re not playing hard enough.


8.      Local Bands – The Loft features live music in downtown Lansing. The venue seats 500, and is an intimate stop for musicians nation-wide.


9.      Grab coffee – Get to know your classmates and follow-up with attorneys and judges in downtown Lansing over a welcoming cup of coffee at the Traverse Pie Company (or a bacon-decadent donut at Glazed and Confused for $2.00). P.S – there’s a Starbucks in the Radisson on Michigan in downtown Lansing.


10.  Last, but most importantCOOLEY LAW SCHOOL EVENTS! Free food, networking, and job opportunities. Triple whammy!


The goal of 10 for $10 is to alleviate the stress and expectation of law school by providing several budget friendly communal activities. Don’t forget to live outside of law school when you’re in law school!