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WMU Cooley Ranking

Written By: Nicole Westfall

Every year puts out a list of the top graduate programs across the country. Within that list are the top fifty law schools in the nation. Western Michigan University Cooley Law School came in as #40! This number is based on student rankings from tens of thousands of students. This is helpful because it shows the actual experiences of the graduates who attended the school and not just how much it costs to attend.

In order for a school to be eligible for the list, it must have at least five students who have given feedback. The highlights that students gave WMU Cooley were most affordable, regionally accredited, and has online degrees. This is important because if you take a look at the list, most of the schools range between $20,000 and $40,000 to attend annually. WMU Cooley’s annual tuition is only $8,740. What a difference! Also, what makes Cooley unique is that they offer online degrees and have many weekend courses.

In reading the reviews left by students, many pointed out the pro of how great the professors and faculty are. Many students felt like they received a well-rounded legal education because of Cooley. They also said that they felt the professors were genuine, supportive and understanding during this process. This is great feedback for the school because it shows that the professors are here to help you do well and pass on their wisdom and experience. You are not just a number at Cooley. However, one con was that some felt that Cooley was slower paced than other schools due to their splitting up of classes into two sections, where other schools only have one section.

Overall, this is a really great site and it gives you information on all different kinds of graduate schools and where they fall on the list in student’s eyes. If you know someone interested in attending law or graduate school, or you want to check out the rankings for yourself, this would be a great opportunity to do so!