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ABA/LSD Annual Conference

The 2013 American Bar Association Annual meeting took place 8-10 in San Francisco. Students from law schools around the country also participated in the Law Student Division Assembly to help decide issues that affect law students. Some of the issues decided at the meeting included:
  • Report 112 urged the ABA to enact uniform standard procedures for jury questions in criminal  and civil trials.
  • Report 118 urged federal, state, and other governmental bodies to enact strict regulations to fight cyber attacks and intrusions by foreign “governmental entities” into American legal databases and computer networks. 
  • Report 119 amended the standards for the information that law school websites must disclose. Some published disclosures must adhere to a format prescribed by the ABA, while other disclosures must merely be presented in a readable and comprehensive manner.
  • Report 1YL urged the ABA to review accreditation standards so that more practical, hands-on, and innovative learning can occur in law schools. Law schools would be encouraged to reserve one academic grading period for the development of practical legal skills.

The find out how the assembly voted on these issues and for more information about the conference be sure to read the Annual Meeting Newsletter from the 6th Circuit.