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Shorts to Mom - Part 1

Shorts to Mom - Part 1
March 18, 2013
By: B430
Dear Mom,


Wow, is it cold. No ice has formed on Lake LeDuc yet, but it sure is cold. I know you were concerned about me going north, and you did say it could freeze, but I didn’t think it could get this cold. Fortunately Lake LeDuc, or LL, as Eva likes to call it, is staying warm enough. The sun will be up in a few hours and I can sun on the beach all day. No mom, Eva isn’t one of those kind of girls. You know the kind that you kept warning me about and the kind of girl you told me not bring home at the break. Eva is different kind of girl. She is really smart and she taught me how to twist the leg off a bird faster than anyone else. When you showed all of how to do it, I thought you were fast, but Eva is the fastest. One time Eva was too fast. At the last duck dinner Eva was too fast, and now I am missing a bit of my tail. Not a lot, just a couple of scales. You favorite son Shorts, is now just a little shorter. Eva said she was sorry, but that I did taste pretty good. Not a lot, just a couple of scales and the tip of my tail. You favorite son Shorts, is now just a little shorter.
Mom, I do miss you and Dad, and I miss home. Our little home under the Parkway bridge by the canal was perfect. I remember the first time my brother Lennie and I caught a fish and brought it home for dinner. We were so proud that we could help feed our family. How did Lennie and I know that it was one of those Burmese Python type snakes and that it’s older sister would follow us home. It was fun watching Dad trying to kill it. I know Dad was upset at the time but it was better than any Thanksgiving meal we ever had before. We lived on python for the next month.

Oh oh. It looks like it’s time for me to wind up my letter and swim over to the far side of LL. One of those hairless land apes is coming down to the shores of LL. Just like the ones you told me to avoid at all costs.

Please write and tell me how you are and about everything that is happening at home. Say Hi to Dad for me.



Your favorite son



PS: Do I have any new brothers and sisters?

PPS: If you ever thought of sending more pickled python I would certainly enjoy it and I would share a piece of it to Eva. I would like her to get the idea that I bring food, not, that I am food.