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Shorts to Mom - Part 2

By B430                                     Dear Mom,

Lake LeDuc is starting to warm up. The sun is up longer and it feels so good to lie on the beach of Lake LeDuc. The warm spring brought an early crop of ducks, fish, and turtles. Whenever I get hungry, I just slide off the beach, into the water, and before you know it I have a belly full of fish. Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

I was lying on the beach a few days ago, when Eva surfaced with Lily and Flip. Lily is from the South, and Flip is from somewhere colder that I have never heard of.  It is so exciting to make new friends at Lake LeDuc.

We talked for hours until Flip and Lily said they were going to go home and they told me to follow them. We swam for a short distance on the lake and then submerged and entered a long, dark, covered canal. At the end of the covered canal we swam out into a lake and surfaced. When we surfaced, I didn’t recognize the lake, and I didn’t know where I was. Flip pulled out a piece of paper; he called it a map, and showed me where Lake LeDuc was on the map, and traced out the path we took to get to this new lake, Lake Corner. Lake Corner is where Flip, Lily, and Eva live.

Mom, I was amazed! I have never seen anything else like this before. Flip showed me how all of the lakes in this area, including Lake LeDuc, are all connected by these covered canals. These covered canals even connect to the large rivers and swamps all over. Flip gave me my own map, and Eva said she would swim back to Lake LeDuc with me to show me how to use the covered canal markings.

I stayed in Lake Corner for a while and enjoyed my new friends and learned more about my new map. About an hour before the sun began to set Eva and I swam back to Lake LeDuc. I asked Eva if she wanted to sleep on my spare bed, but she said that she wanted to get back to her place in Lake Corner and write a letter to her Dad.

Today I met two new friends, learned to use a map as well as discovered the covered canals, and found out the world is much bigger than I thought.

Please write back and say hi to Dad for me.


Your favorite explorer son,


PS Thanks for your letter and the pickled python. I agree with you that Aunt Sophie’s moving in with you and Dad will drive all of you crazy. There was a reason why Uncle Lou, and Uncle Bart, and Uncle Ray left her.

PPS I shared a bit of the pickled python with Eva. She thinks you are the best and wants to meet you.