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What is Moot Court?

By: Samantha Noah 

    Moot Court is the largest student organization at Cooley.  The organization focuses on Appellate Advocacy skills and exposes students to the Appellate process. Being a member of this organization provides students with necessary skills to become a successful litigator. Experience in Moot Court is also highly sought by perspective employers because of the organization’s nationwide, prestigious reputation.

     To become a member, students may present an oral argument to the Moot Court Board. Students can do so by competition in the Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure Moot Court competition, enrolling in the Intra-School Moot Court class, or setting up a time with the board to present at your leisure. Upon completion of the argument, students will gain membership as part the Moot Court General Body and are eligible to apply for a position on the Executive Team.

    The Melissa Mitchell Criminal Procedure Moot Court competition for Michaelmas 2013 will be held the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd. The signup deadline for the competition is October 27, 2013. For interested students, the Moot Court Board will be holding an Extreme Workshop which will familiarize students with how the competition works, and provide an opportunity for the members to answer any pre-completion questions that may arise. Additional information regarding the competition will be posted at a later date. Please keep an eye on the portal and The Pillar for more information.

 All interested students are encouraged to participate in this rewarding and beneficial experience.

For more information about Moot Court, please contact or stop by our office, CC306, Monday through Friday, from 10am to 4pm.