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Cooley Students Discuss their Summer Interests

By Dalton Carty,
Lansing Managing Editor

Everyone knows summer is a time for fun in the sun. From swimming in Lake Lansing to bike riding in shorts and t-shirts around downtown, summer presents many opportunities that cannot be engaged during other times of the year. This fact is exceedingly important for law students who choose to participate in summer classes rather than take summer off. Because most law students who opt to enroll in summer classes may forego many of the typical activities others enjoy during summer, I thought it would be beneficial to Cooley students to read how a few of their peers spend summer despite contending with class rigors. This article highlights some summer activities Cooley students engage despite reading cases, completing assessments, and preparing for exams. Hopefully, it gives others ideas of what they may do during a Michaelmas term.

When asked how she spends summers, Taycee Friar said she likes to play tennis and volleyball as well as go biking, hiking, and swimming. She also said she likes bonfires and engage in bible study. She said sand volleyball was her favorite because it keeps her active and it’s fun. Another favorite is bible study because it gives her a moment to reflect, build faith, and contemplate what is most important in life. She said bonfires are great fellowship activities and smores are a fantastic treat to make during the events. She stated she expected her participation in summer activities to increase overtime when she does not have to spend copious time studying and preparing for classes. She engages such activities with family and friends. Although some of the participants occasionally change, she said she did not mind because she loves meeting new people.         

During summer, Joseph Daly said he enjoys running, canoeing, and playing the guitar. He said his favorite activity is playing the guitar because making music is radical. According to Daly, it is even better if done in the sun. He started playing the guitar approximately four years ago because his cousin could play and he always wanted to play. Prior to that, although he sometimes sang along with the radio, Daly wanted to make his own music and that was another reason he picked up the guitar. He said summer activities differed from winter ones because winter traps him indoors. Yet, when he ventures outside in winter, he must don 40 layers of clothing and contend with the sniffles. He said he expected his participation in summer activities to increase overtime because he will have more time to engage them once free from law school duties.      

Kristin Giommi said she likes to spend summers watching NASCAR, Lugnuts baseball games, and her best friend’s softball games. She also said camping was another great summer pastime. She said going to her best friend’s softball games is her favorite summer activity because she gets time to relax and not think about classes or extra-curricular commitments. She said these activities differed from those she typically engages in the winter because she can enjoy being outside in the summer, but can’t in Michigan’s freezing winters. She said she hoped her participation in summer activities increased over time and participated in the activities with various people.    

Jeff Prygoski said he truly enjoys summer hiking and backpacking. This summer he spent a few days at Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Park doing that. He said he will backpack/hike at Lassen Volcanic and Redwoods National Parks over the break. Prygoski also said he enjoys playing softball with his Cooley friends during summer. He stated backpacking and hiking are his favorite

activities because they provide a nice change of pace from classes and are good opportunities to disengage electronics to enjoy the natural beauty of Michigan. Although he never played before, he said he enjoyed softball because it provided an opportunity to get to know classmates and release tension from continuous studying. He said summer activities differed from winter ones because summer activities allow him to take advantage of the limited warm, sunny days Michigan offers. He first got involved in backpacking/hiking during his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan where he took a summer field geology course in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and fell in love with it. He said he hopes his participation in summer activities increases over time and participates in such activities with his brother Matt and sister Alicia. The Lassen and Redwoods trips will be their fifth sibling backpacking journey.
Sarah Grodeck said she spends summers biking, traveling, walking, and enjoying time with family and friends. She also said she adores watching baseball. She said her favorite activity is biking because it gets her outside, its good exercise, and a great stress reliever. She said summer activities differed from winter ones because summer activities get her outside, but she stays mostly inside during winter. She said she expects her participation in summer activities to increase in summers and decrease in winters because it is too cold to go bike riding during the winter. She loves to bike ride with her fiancée because it is fun to do things together.

Nabil Freij said he enjoys going to the beach, playing volleyball, and exercising during the summer. Basically, anything that gets him outside is permissible. He said his favorite activity is volleyball which he has been playing since he was ten and any opportunity he

gets to play will definitely be one he engages. He said he expects his participation in summer activities to increase overtime, but only lifts weights during winter because the cold Michigan weather prevents participation in his beloved volleyball. He said he first became involved in volleyball living in his native southern California where the beautiful, warm weather never presented a reason to stay inside and he was always outside. He said he expects his participation in summer activities to decrease overtime because there will be little time for summer fun following his law school graduation because he will have to work. He said he participates in summer activities with a close circle of family and friends who share similar interests.
In closing, summer is a time to enjoy the abundant sunshine and warmth the season provides. However, a law student’s summer fun may be restricted by academic obligations that impose huge demands on his ability to enjoy the outdoors. Yet, as is often said by our professors, there must be balance in completing school assignments and preserving one’s personal life. To that extent, I hope the activities outlined in this article assist current and future law students in enjoying Michigan’s picturesque summers especially considering Michigan’s brutal winters.