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Why Students Should Use the Academic Resource Center

By Matthew Secrest

The Academic Resource Center, or ARC for short, is a great resource for students that frequently goes unused. There are many reasons for this. For instance, lack of knowledge about where the ARC is or the benefits it offers as well as fear and embarrassment are just a few reasons why students don’t use the ARC.  These reasons, however, should not keep students away because the ARC has amazing resources including meeting with a professor or graduate assistant, like myself, or using the supplement library.  The first reason students should come to the Academic Resource Center is because of graduate assistants and professors.

ARC graduate assistants have performed amazingly well in their classes and are there to help students with whatever they need. I, for example, have helped students with essay writing, multiple choice, and other issues for classes such as Contracts, Torts, Criminal Procedure, etc. Beyond helping students with class work, we are a great source of advice because we are law students ourselves. In addition to the graduate assistants, the professors are also a great resource students can use for help with anything they need. The second reason is the supplement library.

Students can check out a wide range of books from our supplement library for three hours at a time. These books cover all subject areas and include both essays and multiple choice questions.  They include titles such as Question and Answer, Gilberts, and Examples and Explanations. These supplements are great resources throughout the term, but are very helpful during exam preparation. For example, I have used them to help me prepare for multiple choice questions.  Thus, the supplement library along with the graduate assistants and professors are two great reasons for students to come to the Academic Resource Center.

For those that may not know, the ARC is located on the 6th floor of the Cooley Center and has offices at every campus. We also have a page on the portal with more information about us including the office locations for the other campus. In addition, we can be reached by phone on any campus or by email at