The American Bar Association Votes to Keep Bar Passage Standards

The American Bar Association (ABA) Standards Review Committee made a crucial vote February 7 at the Mid-Year Meeting in Chicago, IL. The Standards Review Committee ("SRC") on Legal Education has unanimously voted to retain the current bar passage rules with no substantive changes.  
The proposed standard would have required all law schools to have an annual 75-80 percent annual bar passage rate among graduates in order for law schools to maintain ABA accreditation. Passage of such a drastic measure would have  significantly impact the number of students that are admitted into law school, as schools give great deference to the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) in admitting students. Student organizations around the country mobilized and sent letters to the ABA members sitting on the committee. 
The vote will now move to Council level and potentially be sent back to the SRC for further consideration. 

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