Cooley News

Welcome to the 50th Anniversary of Thomas M. Cooley Law!

By: Briana Texter

Established in 1972, Thomas M. Cooley Law school began making dreams come true. As I walk the halls of the Tampa campus, I can’t help but notice the years of law graduates on the wall. Everytime I see these, I am in awe. So many students from different walks of life have climbed up the scary, formidable mountain called law school. And they rocked it.

For 50 years, students have gained law experience that allows them to go into the world at large firms, small firms, become CEOs of their own firms, work in compliance, and many more. One particular organization, Moot Court, has been one of the best opportunities to gain some experience from the start of Cooley law to now and certainly the future (most recent competition photo is on the right).

Here is a list of some recognizable Cooley graduates:

  • Rosemarie Aquilina ‘84, now a Judge and Professor

  • Barbra Bachmeier ‘07, now a Nurse Practitioner, National Guard Veteran, and Lawyer

  • Dewnya Bakri-Bazzi ‘11, now recognized by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys as a top 10 attorney under the age of 40

  • Ross Berlin ‘81, now Senior VP of Player Relations on PGA Tour

  • Janice Cunningham, one of the first female attorneys to become a Judge in Michigan

  • And many, many more! Check out the link below: